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Skranj is not just a clan. Skranj is a beacon of hope. It is a counsel of great celestial beings gathered together in harmonious belonging. It is a sanctuary for the lost and a home for the found.

Some say Skranj emits the same energy found in the star that guided the Wise Men to Jesus.

Some say Skranj is a concoction combining wolf fangs, the skin of a baby deer and rattlesnake venom. The tale tells that The Great Elder would lather his body in this lotion concoction and be granted eternal life.

Some say Skranj is the modern reincarnation of Goku. It is said that Goku was killed while eating a bean burrito at Taco Bell. A gust of wind blew a sign post towards him and took off his head. Thus, earth's mightiest heroes (Billy Ray Cyrus, JJ Abrams, Kobe O'Bryant, Kesha and Keanu Reeves) gathered with one purpose: to find the Dragon Balls. Shenron was summoned and agreed to give rise to a new, better, less childish Goku... Skranj.

Some say Skranj is the term used by monks to describe the euphoric sensation that overwhelms them when they move mountains.

Some say a flake of Skranj's skin could feed the whole of Nigeria for 47 hours and 13 minutes.

Some say God didn't rest on the seventh day but instead went to a party in Beverly Hills with Skranj. They stayed up all night drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and listening to Led Zeppelin.

Some say Skranj is a whimsical fuel used to operate alien spaceships. A sample of it is held at Area 51 and has been undergoing tests since 1989 in order to find its origins.

Some say Skranj is the liquid substance released from the horn of a unicorn when it is has eaten too many shitaki mushrooms.

Some say this, some say that. The stories come and go but one thing will always remain.

Skranj is love. Skranj is life.