Teamspeak Rules

September 4th, 2019 02:20 PM EST

Here are our Teamspeak Rules:
Rules English
Rules German
Rules Turkish
Rules Russian
Rules French
Rules Italian

Punkt AFK level farming is forbidden and will be punished with a leven ban.

The use of swear words in your name is forbidden.
Faking of team members, clan members, friends or known persons is forbidden.
No server groups prefixes in the name. (e.g. [Admin] (Support) {friend})
Do not write private information about other players in your name. (e.g. real life name, telephone number, place of residence)
The advertising of other services in the name is forbidden.

Behavior in public channels
Harassing other players is forbidden.
Intended noise are forbidden.
Channel-hopping is forbidden.
Using a voice distorter is forbidden.
Insulting other players is forbidden.
Threats against other players are forbidden.
The use of all Teamspeak plugins is forbidden. These include:
Mass messaging
mass poker
Anti move
Automatically answering
Images with the following content are not allowed:
People Disparaging
Hurting people
Pictures of other players
Private information about other players

Behavior in the chat
Spamming in Channel Chat is forbidden.
Spaming in Private Chat is forbidden unless the person disagrees with it.
Spamming, in the form of stalking is forbidden.
Bad words are forbidden.
Phising links are forbidden.
Porn links are forbidden.
Links to other services (advertising) is forbidden.

Behavior in support
The exploitation of the support is forbidden.
Insulting team members or clan members is forbidden.
The faking of evidence is forbidden.
The support can only be entered for problems, questions or complaints.

With the joins of the Teamspeak you declare yourself ready to accept all the rules.
The breaking of the rules leads to a punish.
Possible penalties are:
Limitation of rights
A warning
A channel kick
A server kick
A temporary ban (name & IP)
A permanent identity Ban
A permanent identity & IP Ban